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Treat yourself to a relaxing massage with our licensed massage therapist.

Schedule your own private oasis of massage and say goodbye to your stress

You work hard every day taking care of everyone else. Take some time just for yourself and take care of your needs. Schedule some time with our massage therapist and let her help you work out all the stress that builds up while you're taking care of everyone else.


Your massage will be completely private, so you can relax and forget about things like the work due in the office, the in-laws coming to visit, or the traffic during your commute. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Nothing helps you relax and de-stress like a massage session

Our licensed professional massage therapist provides all types of massage including Swedish, hot stone, therapeutic massage, and reflexology. You'll love the private, spa-like setting designed to help the world melt away while our therapist works on your tight muscles. Call today to schedule a full massage session.

Woman relaxing in a salon while having a massage Stones and Oil used for massage Woman relaxing in a salon while having a massage