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You'll enjoy the private, spa-like setting while we give you baby-smooth skin

Waxing gives smoother skin and longer lasting results than shaving

The licensed cosmetologists in our locally owned and operated, full service salon specialize in the services they provide, so you know you're getting your waxing from someone enthusiastic about keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in body hair removal technology - and can pass that knowledge on to you.


You'll always have your waxing treatment performed in a private room, where you can be completely comfortable while our waxing specialist gives you the smoothest, hair-free skin you'll experience.

Feel more confident in your bathing suit and love your silky, smooth skin

Whether you're heading out to the pool, or just want to look your best at the party Saturday night, getting a waxing the day before can ensure your skin looks its absolute best at your event. Waxing lasts for weeks, so you'll look fabulous for longer. Call our Paul Mitchell Focus Salon today to schedule an appointment.

Woman with blue eye liner looking up Person getting back waxed for hair removal Woman having her leg waxed